Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AAARRGGHHH!! Pirate Day!!

September 19th was such a FUN Day!! It is National "Talk like a pirate" Day!! So our kindergarten kids got to come to school DRESSED as pirates! The loved this!! It was amazing to see how the kids and families got into it!

To prepare we had our local Long John Silver's to donate pirate hats to our class. The day before, we turned the hats over and painted them colorful colors!

On Pirate Day, we read lots of pirate stories, including:

When the pirate hats were dry we decorated them with shapes and a skull and bones! The kids were ecstatic about this part! I then stapled them to a sentence strip to fit it to their heads.

My teacher friend Sandy on my team, came up with a GREAT idea! She had a board and some paper fish. We make this the PLANK! The kids rooted their friends on as they walked the plank! This was truly one of their most favorite activities! Could you stay on???

 We went on a TREASURE HUNT! This is the map that the "pirates" left on our classroom door! It took us from the classroom to the library, then to the cafeteria, upstairs, around the top floor, downstairs, playground, bus ramp and then back to our classroom where Mr. Bear sat. The treasure was behind Mr. Bear! The treasure had an X by it and had necklaces and gold coins inside!! So fun!! I got the treasure chest from Amazon. It was the perfect little size!

 We made pirate people crafts! The kids had to follow multi-step directions and create their own pirate person! They got to choose a hook, a parrot or both! These turned out great! AARRRGGHH!!

 Thank you so much for reading!

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