Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrating Names!

During the 3rd week of school we celebrated our names! We cheered our names, graphed them, and put them together after all scrambled up.

We decorated made paper tear names and sticker names!! All you do is write their name big on a paper and let them go! For the paper tear names you need lots of colorful scrap paper. They rip the scrap paper and glue it to their name. For the sticker names, you just need mini stickers. The kids LOVE this one after they had to tear paper the day before! They are both great tasks for fine motor practice and they take up some time so you can assess your students.

Paper Tear Names
Sticker Names

We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Margin Jr and John Archambault. We made our own Chicka Trees by paper tearing. 

 As a class activity we even made a big class Chicka Tree! All the kids helped paint it and then add their first initial to the tree.

We even made a Chicka Snack! All you need are graham crackers, apples, chocolate covered raisins and Alphabet cereal. They look great and are yummy!
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