Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leaf Day!! (Feeling a little Fall)

In Central Florida we do not get much REAL Fall weather but we do like to take advantage of our 85 degree "Fallish" weather! At our school we have a beautiful Nature's garden--- so one morning about a week and 1/2 ago, we went on a LEAF HUNT! We tried to find some colorful leaves. We took magnifying glasses out and examined leaves and felt them! This was great fun as it also went with our 5 senses unit!

After we gathered our leaves in bags, we studied them back in the classroom. We compared them and measured their length in cubes!

 We then did a Leaf Rubbing!! I couldn't believe that MORE than 1/2 of my class had NEVER done a leaf rubbing before!! They LOVED this activity and were in complete awe as the leaves came through the paper!!

We painted leaves! First we painted a paper with fall colors. Then after it was dry we traced a leaf pattern on the paper and the kids cut the paper out. We then backed the newly cut paper on a background color and re-cut around it! This was so that the back was not white. We hung them from the ceiling and it looks like fall in our classroom now!!

We even made paper tear fall trees! This took my kiddos some time but they turned out beautiful!!

Part of our HW Calendar was a Family Apple Tree project! The kids took home some paper and they got to create their own tree! These turned out WONDERFUL!!! This was a great way to show different creativity from each child and for them to share about their families!

Thank you for reading!
Happy Fall!!

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